ID card

In order to enter the MR centre everybody needs to have an ID card to Aarhus University Hospital. At the moment AUH is changing from old to new ID cards, which means that all employee must have both an old and new one.

The cards are firstly acquired and secondly activated by Maria Ditlev (research secretary) – please give information about your name and expiry date.

You need to use the old ID card to entre the MR centre until told other wise.


Entrance key to the centre

After the safety course a key can be handed out by Maria Ditlev if necessary.

Old ID card


Room no. L1.216. In the basement – sign no G115, elevator 34 (sign about ID-cards).


Every second Tuesday (even-weeks) from 7:15-15:00 – breaks: 9:30 – 9:50 and 12.00-12.30 (local 58328)

Your photo will be taken and the card will be made at once.



New ID cards


Room no. C2.145 - between sign no. G201 and G203 (sign about "Nyt ID kort") 


Monday and tuesday: 9-10

Wednesday: 8-12

Thursday and friday: 9-10

Your photo will be taken and the card will be send to Lone Hanberg at the MR Centre