Publications related to LIFE DNP

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ISMRM, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (World Congress 2016):

  • Antioxidant treatment attenuates lactate production in diabetic nephropathy. Christoffer Laustsen. Electronic Poster
  • Early diabetic kidney Hyperpolarized MR (non-gaseous) Haiyun Qi Electronic Poster
  • Hyperpolarized 1-13C Pyruvate Imaging of Porcine Cardiac Metabolism shift by GIK Intervention. Esben Søvsø Szocska Hansen.  Electronic Poster.


Poster at the PhD-day AU:

  • Effects of Unfiltered Coffee and Bioactive Coffee Compounds on Liver Fat Content and Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome: A pilot Animal Study. Pedram Shokouh.