Eight most important MR safety rules

  • Only staff that are familiar with the safety instructions are allowed to enter the magnet room. The authorization badge must always be worn.
  • People with pacemaker, other implanted stimulators, and implanted clips in the brain or other magnetic metal devices are not allowed to the magnet room. Do not take metallic equipment (drop stands, trolleys etc.) into the magnet room, unless they are marked “MR-Centret” Ask the personnel, if you are in doubt or have a look at this internet site: magnetic safety and implants (for information in English go to www.MRIsafety.com)
  • Pregnancy is not contraindicating for MR after the first trimester, further details are found in MR and Pregnancy.
  • Empty your pockets (keys, coins, scissors, screwdrivers, pens, hair slides etc.).Take off jewellery and piercing. Donot bring credit cards and wristwatch into the magnet room. All patients and volunteers must fill out the form entitled “Kontrolskema før MR undersøgelse”.  The staffs must check this and store the form for at least one year.
  • Ear protection is mandatory (for MRI both plugs and headset). 
  • People suffering from severe claustrophobia should not enter the magnet unless they are under careful supervision by an assisting person in the magnet room.
  • Do not leave the control room when a person or animal is in the magnet – except when entering the magnet room.  Scanning of humans outside normal working hour needs at least two persons to be present at the department.
  • Remember to give the patient the rubber ball used as an alarm to the personnel. Please find the emergency stop devices and be aware of the consequence using these – especially the quench button. If an accident occurs on a person or equipment please contact the people mentioned under “practical information”.