Hygiene - general guidelines

  • The patient bed, coils and inner opening of the magnet must be cleaned with alcohol at the end of examination.
  • Ear protection unit must be cleaned with alcohol after use.
  • Blood, urine or other secretions must be washed away with:
    Warm water and soap (removes proteins) and Alcohol (limitation of bacteria) uses 70% hospital alcohol.
  • Used clothes are thrown in the laundry bag in the preparation room. When the laundry bag is full it must be placed next to the basement elevator. Remember to fill up cupboards again.
  • Any sharp devices (knives, needles etc.) should be disposed of in the small yellow bucket in each control room.
  • In general all rooms (scanner rooms, control rooms and kitchen) must be cleaned-up after you have used them.

Personal hand hygiene with 70 % alcohol is mandatory:

  • Before opening cupboards with linen, medical goods - cannula, syringes, saltwater etc.
  • Before caterization
  • Before taking out gloves from the dispenser