Corona restrictions at Aarhus University

Dear guest,

At Aarhus University, we follow the authorities’ guidelines for events with regard to social distancing, hygiene and serving food and refreshments, and we adjust or cancel events, if necessary.

To make sure everyone has a good and safe experience, this email gathers important practical information, and we kindly ask you to read the information carefully.


There will be a limit on the number of participants at our events and conferences due to the coronavirus restrictions. Persons who have not registered for the event will not have access.


Pay special attention to social distancing near the toilets.


Before each event, all rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and plenty of hand sanitiser will be available at central locations in the rooms. In addition, we have reduced the number of participants in each room to meet the social distancing requirements.

Food and refreshments

Food will be served with precautions to avoid spreading the virus. This means that there will either be full table service, individually wrapped “lunch boxes” or a buffet with staff filling the plates.

Do you want to cancel your registration?

At present, it is more important than ever to know exactly how many people are coming. If you are not able to participate in an event, please deregister as soon as possible to allow people on a waiting list the chance to register. 

Be considerate – prevent the spread of the coronavirus

• Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser frequently.
• Use a face mask, if necessary.
• Cough and sneeze into your sleeve.
• Stay home if you are sick so you do not spread the illness to others.
• Keep a distance of at least 1 metre and avoid shaking hands and hugging.
• As far as possible, remain seated for the duration of the event.
• Avoid turning your head towards the people behind you.
• Turn your head away if you need to pass someone at close distance.
• Follow the signs and the instructions from staff during the event.
• Use less crowded entrances if people are queueing up at one entrance.
• Be extra patient and maintain social distancing when you use the toilet and when you leave the event.