Services and facilities

Equipment at our facilities

MRI Scanners - Systems for animal and clinical exams

Siemens Avanto (NR3), 1.5 T (MR1)

Philips-NT Ingenia, 1.5 T (MR2)

Siemens Avanto, 1,5 T (MR3)

GE Optima 450W, 1,5 T (MR4)

Siemens Skyra, 3 T (MR5)

GE 750, 3 T(Multi nuclei – 1H, 2H, 13C, 23Na, 31P, 129Xe) (MR6)

Agilent, preclinical vertical, 9.4 T (MR7)

Polarisers for metabolic and gas imaging

GE Spinlab, clinical and pre-clinical dissoluted hyperpolarisation

Polaris, clinical Xenon gas polariser

Polarize, Spinaliner, pre-clinical dissoluted hyperpolarisation

Spectroscopy benchtops for 1H and 13

Magritek Spinsolve Carbon 60 MHz,

Magritek Spinsolve Carbon Ultra 80 Mhz