Linking metabolic diseases with diets and lifestyle.

The overall objective

The overall objective of this proposal is to obtain highly detailed evidence on metabolic pathway effects following shifts in dietary intake. This is important for processing new innovative healthy food products for entering upcoming international markets and adds value to Danish food industries.

Furthermore generations of evidence based dietary recommendations to prevent diseases and to gain therapeutic effects in established diseases is an important goal. This links to the increased public health expenses expected in the coming years due to increased frequency of obesity, diabetes, specific cancer diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

The objectives will be reached by the new magnetic resonance technology, dynamic nuclear polarization, that allow for quantitative in vivo and real time measurements of metabolic fluxes with an until now unseen sensitivity.

Main Grant

Granting licenses

The Danish Council for Strategic Research
The Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare

DKK 17,354,883

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S
Business Area Nutrition

DKK 1,198,242