International Training Course 2024

Training course on Hyperpolarized 13C &129Xe MRI:
moving to clinical use 


Photos from Training Course, October 2022

Goals of the Course

Imaging of hyperpolarized substances is an emerging clinical field with widespread applications, such as detecting metabolism via 13C labelled compounds or lung function via 129Xe gas. It differs from traditional thermally polarised MRI - mainly by time and sensitivity considerations - as the hyperpolarized state is irrecoverably disappearing with T1 relaxation and excitation of magnetization.

The course aims to familiarize the participants with these special constraints for imaging and give the participants hands-on experiences with MRI methods for imaging, reconstruction and quantification of hyperpolarized spins in model systems and animal models.

Furthermore, introductions are given to the basic X-nuclei MRI hardware, hyperpolarisation methods, underlying biology and other relevant aspects in this context.