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New Project

Starting up a project

  • When starting up at project with a senior MR Researcher, it is necessary to fill in an inquiry form about the new project (in collaboration with your senior MR Scientist), describing e.g. the objective. 
  • All fields marked with a yellow triangle must be filled in.
  • After submission of the project inquiry, Hans Stødkilde-Jørgensen will arrange a meeting with you, to discuss the project and make a price agreement.
  • When the project and price has been approved, you will receive e-mail acceptance with your project number, which enables you and your senior MR scientist to book scanner time according to the agreement.


Start your booking here

  • You will need your project number, before you will be able to book scanner time.
  • Your project number guides you to the scanner system which is allocated to your project. 
  • The scanner time you book, will be billed according to agreements made when applying for your project.
  • Do only book the scanner time you need and remember to cancel bookings if you do not need them.
  • Please note, that your booking can be cancelled up to 3 days before the requested booking hour.