Internal Information

Invoice Address

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Aarhus Universitet
Institut for Klinisk Medicin
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99
8200 Aarhus N

VAT: 31119103
EAN: 5798000418820

Delivery Address

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Aarhus Universitet
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99
8200 Aarhus N

Note: "Only for research use"

Remember ONLY electronic invoicing for Danish companies
Remember to state the name of the person filling in the order.



Institut for Klinisk Medicin, Aarhus Universitet; MR-ForskningsCentret, Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99, 8200 Aarhus N

Remember to state the name of the person filing in the order.


Receiver; MR-Forskningscentret, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Skejby, Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99, G205, 8200 Aarhus N

Make your IT order at HE IT-webshop

e-mail: Health IT

All purchase must be done using "SKI-aftalen". Have a look at the agreement of purchase at Aarhus University.

Shipping , customer no: 322508131

EAN-number, CVR, Account no

  • EAN locationnumber: 5798000418820; 4-digit "stednummer": 4353
  • CVR/VAT: 31119103
  • P-number (Economical, when applying for funding): 1014119171
  • P-number (Physical Location): 1003402944
  • Requisition number: your work telephone number /your name
  • Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal, 2-12, 1092 Kbh K,  
    Reg no.: 0216 Account: 4069053238
  • IBAN: DK8502164069053238, BIC/SWIFT: DABADKKK


All flight tickets financed by AU funding must be booked though Carlson Wagonlit Travel CWT. 

Call CWT’s travel consultants dialing:+45 33 63 77 44, or write

Always be sure that you have funding for your trip before ordering a flight ticket, conference or hotel.

Travel Insurance

All employees at Aarhus University are covered by Statens tjenesterejseforsikring ( 

As so are travellers with affiliation, whose journey is fully or partially paid by AU.

The former AU insurrance card is no longer needed, but if you want to bring the contact information of the insurrance compagny anyway, you can find it and print it out from Europæiskes webpage.

In case of emergency you must fill out the Europæiske online claim form on Statens tjenesterejseforsikring ( and furthermore attached a statement signed by your Head of Department.

For further information and the full description please visit AU Rejseforsikring 


After your trip, please use the system RejsUD. All receipts must be scanned and attached to the file.

For full videoguide to RejsUD (in Danish) please click here

Alternatively check the pdf guidelines or contact Maria Ditlev.


Before going to a conference

Talk to your supervisors about which conferences are suitable for you

Apply for funding

Be aware of deadlines for submitting abstracts and earlybird registration

 - your abstract must be approved by your supervisions before submitting. 

When on conference 

Remember that you reprecent The MR Research Centre, at Aarhus University. 


After your trip, please use the system RejsUD. All receipts must be scanned and attached to the file.

If you need help, check the guidelines or contact Maria Ditlev.


The Printers name is

If you have an AU or RM Computer you can find the printer in the list under "Install Printer"

If you have a private computer with access to Eduroam, you can find it in the list of all printers in Windows Explorer menu be searching for \\\

Paid Holidays

See the guideline from the Department of Clinical Medicine

The Department of Clinical Medicine notify and pre-register all earned holidays with salary for all employees to be taken as follows:

  • 15 days (3 weeks) in weeks 29, 30, 31
  • 5 days (1 week) in week 42
  • 2 days between Christmas and New Year in week 52
  • 5 days (1 week) in week 7
  • 3 days before Easter (This week will vary)


It is not necessary to change the registration to be able to take the holidays at another time than the pre-registered – just make sure to clear it with your immediate supervisor. If you wish to register your holidays on dates other than those pre-registered, simply contact the holiday registrar of your department/unit. At the MR Reaseach Centre Maria Ditlev takes care of the holiday registrastion


The following days are paid holiday for employees at Aarhus University:

  • May 1st (is a paid holiday if the work and the employer allows it)
  • June 5th - Constitution Day (Grundlovsdag)
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve
  • December 31st - New Year's Eve


You can check out your own holiday status by logging in at Aarhus University Employee protal 



Chemical agents: purchase, storage and disposal 

For storing hazard-labeled drugs and materials at the MR Centre contact Mette Dalgaard – according to the law of Health and Safety at Work Act (arbejdsmiljøloven). Bring Workplace APV  (Chemical Risk Assessment) instructions on hazardous substances and materials.

Download the form here

Please contact Mette Dalgaard for further information

Swine in clinical scanners

All animals being transported to the MR-facility must be fully covered as you might pass patients along the way to the scanner

Specific hygiene precautions when handling swine
Danish version

English version

Applying for funding

Useful information when applying for funding can fx be found here

 IKM - medarbejder - fondsansøgninger

Make your own funding profil on 



Funding for traveling or smaller budgets

Helga og Peter Kornings Fond

Fonden til Lægevidenskabens Fremme (A.P.Møller Fonden) 

Dagmar Marchalls Fond 

Einar Willumsens Mindelegat

Vilhelm Bangs Fond


Department of Clinical Medicine

A lot of useful information can be found on the employee section Department of Clinical Medicine  

CLICK - staff association

The staff association at Department of Clinical Medicine, CLICK, is a forum where employees can meet for social and work related events.  

All employees at the department can be a member for only 25 kr pr month. 

For more information 

ID card

Please contact Maria Ditlev or Lone Hanberg for further information on how to get an ID card

AUH ID-card office

Room number J116-106
Monday - Friday: 07.30-09.30 and 10.00-12.00

Entrance key to the centre

After the safety course a key can be handed out by Maria Ditlev if necessary.